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In August 2015, we started this magazine with our Le Fil d'Or Team. We are a small team of young and creative people. All with a passion for fashion, makeup and modeling in one or the other way.   Why the name Le Fil d'Or? It means the golden thread. What we are trying to express is luxury but we are always open to other creative and new ideas. If this idea appeals to you and you feel that your work might fit in our magazine please do not hesitate to contact us, since we are always searching for new photographers who want to submit in our Le Fil d'Or Magazine.   We are looking forward to hear from you!   Greetz,   Le Fil d'Or Team  

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For further questions please contact us by our contact form below.


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Submission FAQ

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Filip Moerman

Writer of interviews

Always open for new stories, if you want to share your story please send an e-mail to filip@lefildormag.com


Dana Convents

Looking for photographers

Always looking for upcoming great photographers, send your submission to dana@lefildormag.com 


Esmee Sarton

Managing the instagram and twitter if you want to have a shout out please contact us through social media